Responsibilities and copyright

Editorial responsibility:

  • follow the accepted ethical standards of the journal;
  • ensure that the submitted article is consistent with the focus of the journal;
  • ensure a fair, impartial and transparent review process;
  • ensure the anonymity of reviewers and authors in the review process;
  • has the right to return article to the author for completion, resp. reworking;
  • in cooperation with the editorial board to resolve the authors’ appeal against the objections of the review procedure, resp. other complaints.

 Editorial boards responsibility:

  • guarantees compliance with the declared rules and protects the ethics of publication;
  • on the basis of peer reviews decides about the publication of submitted papers;
  • ensures that the accepted papers meet professional standards;
  • takes care of improving the professional and formal aspects of the journal.

 Author’s responsibility:

  • obtain permission for all used copyrighted material;
  • list and identify in the paper all actual contributors and co-authors;
  • incorporate objections and comments of editors within a given deadline;
  • in disputed cases author has the right to dispute objections with editors;
  • by submitting a manuscript to the editors, the author also declares that:

 Reviewers’ responsibility:

  • maintain objectivity and impartiality in the review process;
  • treat manuscripts as confidential material, while not misusing information from the paper for personal or other purposes;
  • maintain confidentiality about the review process;
  • to refuse to participate in the review procedure if there is a conflict of professional or personal interests (professional, financial or personal benefit from the report, recent cooperation on a published project, a priori conflicting opinion on the topic of the paper, close personal or professional relationship to the author);
  • if the reviewer does not refuse to elaborate the peer review, then the editors consider this as there is no conflict of interest;
  • identify and draw attention in the review form to important published works that the author does not cite.
  • fill in the review form, in which he declares that he has prepared the review in accordance with the ethical principles of the review process and publication ethics.

 Publishing issues and copyright:

The copyright and other privileges of published articles are owned by the authors of the documents. The copyright of layout and editing is owned by the publisher. The articles can be freely copied and distributed, but can be used only for personal purposes and non-commercial applications, without modifying them, and with proper citation to the original source. Every other form of distribution and utilization requires a permission from the author/publisher.