Publication ethics statement

The Editorial Board guarantees compliance with the ethical criteria for scientific research and publication, which consist of strict action against plagiarism and fraudulent data, while rejecting any kind of discrimination.

The publication ethics and rules of Zborník Slovenského národného múzea – Archeológia are based primarily on the guidelines and standards declared by the Committee of the Pulication Ethics (COPE). We fully support the rules for publishers and authors adopted at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity in Singapore in 2010th.

The pages of our periodical are open to a plurality of opinions as long as they are based on the basic ethical principles of research. Their fulfillment is necessary and is expected at all stages of the publishing process: for the author, editor, reviewer and publisher. Anyone can report violations of ethical behavior at any time. The editors will deal with each allegation, but in order to initiate an investigation, the necessary information, resp. evidence must be submitted. In case of a finding or suspicion of unethical conduct, the editor and the editorial board will suspend or cancel the publication process until a successful conclusion of the case, taking the necessary actions on the basis of the COPE recommendations. In any case, the concerned author will have the opportunity to respond to any allegations and doubts.